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UK Release

US Release

Showing from October 7, 2011

Hampton, VA, USA

Virginia Air and Space Center (NOW SHOWING)

Portland, OR, USA

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (NOW SHOWING)

Showing from October 25, 2011

Hastings, NE, USA

Hastings Museum (NOW SHOWING)

Showing from November 4, 2011

Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Clark Planetarium (NOW SHOWING)

Showing from December 10, 2011

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Franklin Institute (NOW SHOWING)

Showing from January 13, 2012

Chicago, IL, USA

Navy Pier Theater (NOW SHOWING)

Showing from January 27, 2012

Denver, CO, USA

Denver Museum of Nature & Science (NOW SHOWING)

Showing from February 10, 2012

Austin, TX, USA

Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum (NOW SHOWING)

Lubbock, TX, USA

Science Spectrum (NOW SHOWING)

Showing from February 15, 2012

Tampa, FL, USA

Museum of Science and Industry (NOW SHOWING)

Showing from February 24, 2012

San Antonio, TX, USA

Alamo Theater (NOW SHOWING)

Showing from March 1, 2012

Dallas, TX, USA

Museum of Nature & Science (NOW SHOWING)

Houston, TX

Houston Museum of Natural History (NOW SHOWING)

Lehi, UT

Museum of Ancient Life – Thanksgiving Point (NOW SHOWING)

Showing from April 7, 2012

Hartford, CT, USA

Connecticut Science Center (NOW SHOWING)

Showing from May 25, 2012

Apple Valley, MN

Great Clips IMAX theater (NOW SHOWING)

Cleveland, OH

Great Lakes Science Center (NOW SHOWING)

Davenport, IA, USA

Putnam Museum of History and Natural Science

Washington, DC

National Museum of Natural History: Smithsonian Johnson IMAX theater (NOW SHOWING)

Showing from June 1, 2012

San Diego, USA

San Diego Natural History Museum

Showing from June 15, 2012

Boston, USA

Museum of Science

Showing from July 1, 2012

New York, NY

American Museum of Natural History

Showing from September 1, 2012

Albuquerque, NM

New Mexico Museum of Natural History

Showing from October 1, 2012

Milwaukee, USA

Milwaukee Public Museum

International Release

Showing from February 11, 2011

Tijuana, Mexico

Centro Cultural Tijuana

Showing from August 11, 2011

Sydney, Australia

Darling Harbour, Sydney (NOW SHOWING)

Showing from October 21, 2011

Singapore, Singapore

Singapore Science Centre

Showing from November 1, 2011

Mexico City, Mexico

Papalote Museo Del Nino

Dates to be confirmed

Moscow, Russia

IMAX, Moscow

Showing from November 24, 2011

Voronezh, Russia

The Galereya Chizhova  (NOW SHOWING)

Yekaterinburg, Russia

Star Light

Krasnodar, Russia

Seven Starts Cinema

Moscow, Russia

IMAX, Coca Cola at Mega Tepliy Stan

Moscow, Russia

IMAX, Coca Cola KinoStar NY at MEGA Mall Belaya Dacha

Moscow, Russia

IMAX, Kinostar at MEGA Mall Khimki

Novosibirsk, Russia

IMAX, Royal Park

St. Petersburg, Russia

IMAX, Coca Cola KinoStar City

Saratov, Russia

IMAX, Triumph Mall

Tumen, Russia

IMAX, Tumen Cinema Park

Showing from January 11, 2012

Garza Carcia, Mexico

Planetarioa Alfa

Showing from March 1, 2012

Melbourne, Australia

IMAX Melbourne Museum

Showing from March 31, 2012

Borre, Denmark

GeoCenter Mons Klint

Dates to be confirmed

Paris, France

La Geode

Showing from April 4, 2012

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei Astronomical Museum

Showing from April 19, 2012

Jakarta, Indonesia

Imax, Keong Emas